Message from the head of school - 29 March 2018

I have had the privilege of being in the audience and watching the St Mary’s girls as they have participated and performed in a myriad of cultural activities over the past weeks. The major production, Medea, public speaking, debating and the choir festival, Singing Sistas, all provided a platform for our girls to display their talent and the professionalism that is so much part of the performing arts at St Mary’s. The achievements of our girls are recorded in this newsletter. As I observed the different performances, it was evident to me that many hours of work on the part of the girls and their teachers had gone into creating these excellent performances. What was also obvious was the sheer joy and pleasure that the girls derived from the experience. The sense of accomplishment was tangible and poured out into a joyful finale on stage at the Singing Sistas concert.

Anna Freud (1958) wrote, “While an adolescent remains inconsistent and unpredictable in her behaviour, she may suffer, but she does not seem to me to be in need of treatment. I think she should be given time and scope to work out her own solution.”

Immersion in the cultural programme at St Mary’s provides time and scope for the personal development and self-actualisation of our adolescents.

I invite all our families to share in the St Mary’s community spirit at the hockey festival next week. The netball girls also welcome support at St Andrew’s School for Girls.

May you experience a time of spiritual reflection and renewal at Easter.

Deanne King

Head of School