Message from the head of school - 27 May 2016

St Mary’s girls have achieved significant successes in the past weeks. Six of our rowers have been selected to represent South Africa at the World Rowing Junior Championships, and one of our entries in the FEDA drama festival won best play. A number of other categories at FEDA were also won by our girls. The debating teams are doing well, and the hockey and netball teams are enjoying success. I talk often about the benefits of the co-curricular programme, and its influence on character development and growth. Both winning and losing contribute to our development as human beings, and this is important to remember. Although we strive to achieve success at St Mary’s, we also value the lessons that come with losing and failing. The most important lesson we teach the girls is to give themselves a chance to win through commitment and hard work.

Theo Garrun, who edits the School Sport supplement in the Saturday Star, wrote the following on this topic: “The lessons are about not despairing, about the virtues and eventual rewards of hard work, about building achievement, one small step at a time, and about not allowing yourself to be written off. And, above all, it’s about not being arrogant while you are on the top of the pile, because you are definitely not going to be there forever.”

The Form III girls, Mrs Leigh-Anne Verster, Mrs Cindy Len and Mrs Marli Oosthuizen, are congratulated on staging an elegant and impressive fashion show, highlighting the girls’ talents. This is a valuable learning experience involving planning, teamwork, and dealing with difficulties and frustrations.

At St Mary’s we celebrate endeavour and hard work as much as achievement, because it is through endeavour that success becomes possible. It is also with this understanding that we remain humble in knowing that each day offers renewed challenge.