Message from the head of school - 26 February 2016


Smartphones and social media have changed the way in which we interact socially and the way we record our lives. They have also affected the image of ourselves which we project to society. This is rather difficult to grasp on a psychological and emotional level but we rely on our daughters, as digital natives, to function within these new complexities and believe that they’re equipped to navigate the pitfall s of social media.

But are they coping? There is a sense that girls are feeling lonely, depressed and disconnected, more than ever before.

Young people are also being labelled “narcissistic” and “exhibitionist” because of their behaviour and profiles on social media platforms. These labels are provocative and lead to a troubled terrain that our daughters have to navigate. Suddenly, a very public profile has to be reconciled with a private space that is, in itself, a challenging journey through adolescence.

We may try to glamourise participation in social media culture but the reality is that it has troubling effects. Your daughter’s self-esteem and confidence are at stake. I believe that we, as the adults, need to be engaged in managing our girls’ social media profiles and experiences, and guiding them as far as presenting themselves to the community.