Message from the head of school - 22 September 2017

In my communication with the community, I have often referred to the partnership that exists between the school and parents and our shared task of educating the girls at St Mary’s School. For me, this is an important aspect of the girls’ education – both at home and at school, the girls should be receiving a similar message about the value of learning, using the opportunities on offer, respecting all humanity and working for an improved society.

I was most distressed last week after a conversation with a parent about school policies. I could not recognise the school or the policies to which the parent referred. It was a concern that the information was inaccurate and misleading. Parents are often in conversation in the car park, at the coffee shop, on the side of the sports field or at dinner parties and information shared in these informal settings is often based on assumption, conjecture and analogy. The concern is that it becomes the truth.

It is vital for the school and parents to communicate well. This is more difficult in a Senior School context where we encourage girls to take responsibility for their personal routines, to grow in confidence and approach members of staff with their queries or concerns and to develop independence. Although we want the girls to make their own way at school, it matters that parents know the routines, policies and approach of the school. We do have many channels of communication, such as this newsletter, letters, parent meetings and the school app, but I encourage parents to come and meet with a member of staff or with me. Time spent face to face is the best way of clarifying issues or answering queries and questions. 

Deanne King

Head of School