Message from the head of school - 20 October 2016

Dear parents

Our Form Vs begin final examinations today, and the Form IVs have taken on the leadership of the school. This time of transition led me to ask the Form Vs to reflect on the past five years. Many girls highlighted certain events as being special and leaving lasting memories, some focused on their co-curricular involvement and others on the teachers.

The relationship between teacher and pupil can be very special and, in fact, even leave a lifelong influence. Not all reflections were of good and positive experiences, but they all showed a mature sense of the role that school has played in each one of the girls’ lives. Mostly, it seems that the simple things, the relationships and a niche to develop, are what matter.

This particular reflection touched me in its simplicity and sincerity: so many wonderful memories that I will forever remember and cherish. Memories such as every Patronal Festival, the hockey festival and even all the dreaded prizegivings will always stay with me.

By coming to St Mary’s I have not only made new, amazing friends and memories, but I have also had the chance to learn new things about myself and discover new passions. St Mary’s gave me the opportunity to be who I want to be and taught me to not be afraid of what others think.

Ever since I stepped into this school back in 2011, when I came to look at the school, I have felt at home.

Deanne King

Head of school