Message from the head of school - 20 July 2018

At this time of the year, the academic focus shifts to subject choice and careers counselling. We hosted subject choice information sessions for the Form II girls and their parents last week and next week the careers expo at The Edge will provide opportunity for the girls to explore specific study and career options. Although we see study and career information as providing an important service to the girls, I want to emphasise that the end goal should not detract from the broad and stimulating experience of a school education. Developing curiosity and a sound work ethic, together with literacy and numeracy skills, will best equip our girls to embark on further study and an ultimate career or careers.

The media and educational thinkers constantly bombard us with the message that the future is unknown and the rate of change is such that we are unable to predict what the world of work will look like. It is imperative then that, as a school, we should focus on skills development and encourage the girls to do what they love. If they are going to have to work hard and work at something for a long time, they will be better served doing something that they are passionate about.

As an academic environment, our focus is on creating vitality in a programme in which the end point is not as important as the value placed on open-mindedness, courage, creativity, curiosity, risk-taking and the ability to deal with failure. A place of creative teaching and inspired learning is our goal at St Mary’s School.

Deanne King

Head of School