Message from the head of school - 19 May 2017

St Mary’s is committed to excellent education and to the importance of a happy community. We believe that good relationships are very much part of an excellent educational environment. 

Relationships require generosity of time, eort and commitment. Good relationships form when those involved respect one another, when they listen to one another and place emphasis on loyalty, mutual obligation, appreciation, forgiveness and reconciliation. A range of relationships exists within the school and includes girls, parents and staff. Relationships among the girls and between the girls and the teachers are the priority, but those between the teachers and parents and among all the staff are also important.

St Mary’s subscribes to the spirit of ubuntu, a bond of sharing that connects humanity. This is a school where transformation and diversity are valued. We believe that changes and development in this area are more successful if they take place within a relational environment, where the well-being of each person is considered in interactions and decisions.

The girls are actively encouraged in thinking and discussions about their relationships. Mentor groups, Life Orientation lessons, house and head assemblies, and meetings of the diversity committee and GIRLS are often aimed at enhancing the relational behaviour of the girls. The teaching staff are not exempt. They are presently engaged in a number of courageous conversations around race relationships, which are being guided by external facilitators.

Deanne King

Head of School