Message from the head of school - 16 March 2018

The summer sports season ended with inter-high diving and swimming galas. The spirit squad led the school in a delightful show of support and St Mary’s girls thoroughly enjoyed their chanting, singing and dancing. I was struck by our spectators’ enthusiasm and it was obvious that the experience would become a special memory of school days for many of the girls.

It is often the simple aspects of school life which hold enjoyment and inspiration for the girls. This is one of the reasons why we value participation at St Mary’s School. A full experience of school life is as important as achievement.

It is a concern for me when I hear the younger girls speak of Senior School as a mere stepping-stone to tertiary education. Secondary education offers so much more than a particular outcome. It is a time of significant possibility, of personal growth and formation. Intellectual challenge, physical endeavour and social activities all provide opportunities to know oneself, to test potential and to realise fully, one’s personal development. School also plays a role in supporting adolescents through the tension of teenage years. It is a known environment and a stable routine in which to learn about the complex world we inhabit.

The outcome of schooling is only one aspect of the rich experience, personal fulfilment and memories gained in senior school.

Deanne King

Head of School