Little Saints Science

The children at Little Saints were enthralled by some recent science experiments. First- tea light candles were lit and then covered by jars of various sizes, the children were asked for their theories of why some candles went out first. When Ava lifted her jar and more air came in, the flame get bigger, because more air came in. Maybe the candle uses the air. Sarah has the smallest jar, mine the middle, Ava has the biggest so it stays alight longer. -Thomas

Next a boiled egg was sucked into a jar just by using some lit newspaper. The egg trapped the air. So the air can’t get in, there is no space. - Thomas

The last experiment involved a plate of water and matches. The lit matches were then covered with a glass, the children watched the water get sucked up into the glass. The water came in and the fire went out. When the fire goes out, the pressure pushes it (the water) up. The pressure comes from the fire. The match goes out because some water splashes up and puts out the fire- Nicholas