Baby Chicks

On Wednesday 4 March we had a wonderful surprise. Lisa from Wild and Earthy brought us some eggs. However, these 20 eggs were not just any plain old eggs as the next day we would walk into school to find baby chicks hatching from them! There was much excitement and absolute amazement as the children had the opportunity to witness the whole process. It’s not every day one gets to watch chicks hatch in front of one's eyes, starting from a small crack in the eggs made by using their little egg tooth on the end of their beaks, to the baby chicks then pushing their way out and standing up.

When they first came out the egg the baby chicks looked wet and exhausted. A few hours later when we checked up on them, they were hopping about the incubator chirping and their feathers had dried and fluffed up. When Lisa came back on Friday she taught us more about baby chicks and we even got to hold an adorable soft and fluffy little yellow chick! This amazing experience was enjoyed by all the children, staff and many of the parents who came to peek at the incubators.