HA Jack mini Olympics intra-grade event

Message from Dr Claire M Nicholson   
Director and Expert Advisor of the Move-It, Moving Matters™ Programmes

On Monday 26 October, members of the Move-It, Moving Matters™ Team, St Mary’s Form III  and IV girls and the H A Jack community came together to celebrate a showcase of motoric skills acquired and demonstrated by all the Grade 4 HA Jack learners.

Since January 2015, Kim Morris, a Move-It, Moving Matters™ programme co-ordinator and dedicated St Mary’s School hockey mum, has been facilitating the Grade 4 learners progressively in the first stage of Move-It, Moving Matters™ Blue Kit. Born out of the need for an intermediate-phase physical education intervention, Move-It, Moving Matters™ is a phase-specific programme, which systematically shapes neuro-muscular development and the physiological capacity of growing children. The programme starts with the Blue Kit in Grade 4, progresses to the Red Kit in Grade 5, the Yellow Kit in Grade 6 and finally the Green Kit in Grade 7.  The effect of regular participation in activity challenges is such that bone mass and cardio-respiratory efficiency are also improved and children “catch-up” physically during this important developmental period. However, it is the unique read-do-write methodological approach of the programme which ensures holistic learning and the simultaneous development of multiple literacies.

What was witnessed on Monday was the culmination of the many skills acquired in a mini Olympics event which required the participation of all learners in the Grade.  It was at this event that the St Mary’s girls played a particularly important role.  Under Kim’s guidance, the event was managed and delivered by the girls.  As well, these girls have been mentoring Grade 7 HA Jack learners using the Move-It Programme.  St Mary’s plays a key role in the support and enrichment given to HA Jack learners.  It is this kind of school partnership that not only builds communities but certainly strengthens bonds between children and nurtures hope for the future for all.  The Move-It Programme is one of the elected community service programmes offered at St Mary’s.