From the head’s desk: 9 April 2019

The visible development and maturation of our girls is witnessed best in their participation and achievements in the co-curricular activities of our school. The girls’ interests and talents draw them to certain activities which, in turn, give them opportunities to grow and develop as individuals.

Last week the play School Girls was a real success and presented the actors’ ability to sustain comedic timing and interaction. The audiences were entertained but, at the same time, the girls communicated some of the real and harsh aspects of adolescent relationships. I congratulate the talented cast and the backstage crew, Mrs Baylis and Derisha Moodley on a successful production.

This week, a number of girls will play in the hockey and netball festivals, while others will support the teams and their friends. A significant number of girls will also work at the hockey festival and help to host our visitors.

It gives me pleasure to watch the St Mary’s girls as they immerse themselves in the different activities at school, which liberate them from the associated pressures of schooling. These experiences visibly contribute to the girls’ character development, together with affirming their self-esteem and a sense of belonging.

I hope that you will visit the school this weekend and enjoy the atmosphere and exciting hockey.

As this is the last newsletter of the term, I wish all our families a restful holiday and a blessed Easter.