From the headmistress’ desk: 10 May 2019

After a gentle holiday, the return to school into the rigidity of routine may seem rather daunting for some of our girls and their parents. The winter term could be described as challenging as far as cold and dark mornings but it also offers opportunity for more rest and quiet time.

I write this before we go to the polls for the sixth general election of our country’s democracy and my hope is that, when you read the newsletter, we shall have experienced another election which underpins the value of our free and equal society. Our girls live in a world where they are bombarded with information, much of which is negative. The need to balance this with fair and positive perspective is necessary if we are to raise them to live well in the future.

It is the ultimate desire of parents that their children are happy and this is a significant goal. I wholeheartedly support parents in this endeavour but, as an individual who places much value on happiness, I am cognisant that it can be elusive.

It is the responsibility of the significant adults in the lives of our girls to encourage them to seek happiness. Life will offer many challenges and, consequently, so will school, but happiness and joy exist around every corner and await discovery. The magic in living is to look for the happiness and to savour the joy. This, parents and teachers, is our responsibility. The demands of life and school may hamper us but let us not be wary of showing our girls that beauty and joy exist in the everyday details of our lives.

Deanne King
Head of school