From the foundation

Love, integrity and community are three founding principles that St Mary’s girls and the community uphold. The class of 1987 certainly demonstrated all three of these by gathering to celebrate their 30th-year reunion and paying it forward to the St Mary’s Foundation.

“For our class, it was an unforgettable time of laughter, sharing memories, reforging bonds, some tears, lots of champagne and a loud abundance of 80s music.

“Some had not been back for 30 years. What we found was a better school (especially the boarding and facilities like The Edge!), but also each other again, and a rediscovery that we are all an integral part of a wider St Mary’s family.

“I am immensely proud of my class for raising more than R30 000 for the Foundation, thus paying it forward.” – Tara Turkington, class of 1987.

We are extremely grateful to the class of 1987 for their kindness and generosity in supporting education for young, less-advantaged girls at St Mary’s. This gesture will make a contribution to changing the life of a young girl, enabling her to embrace an education and all that St Mary’s teachers and facilities are able to offer.

There are currently 28 girls enrolled in St Mary’s Senior School who receive nancial assistance and who are truly grateful for the opportunity provided to them.

Gillian O'Shaughnessy

Foundation Manager