From the Acting Headmistress Desk: 21 February 2019

Dear parents

Core values and life skills are like a navigation system that guides our actions and behaviour. The core values and skills that you instil in your children will affect their decisions and actions going forward.

I mentioned some core values and skills at the ”Meet the teachers” evening and I feel that a few additional ones may be useful and thought provoking.

Interdependence: humans are not meant to be social islands. We are constantly in relationships which provide opportunities for us to become well rounded individuals. This interaction with others creates community. Children need to be reminded to relate to others in a healthy and productive manner, both on the playground and within the family structure.

Integrity and trust enable the girls to be committed to the expectations of society and the people around them. They must be taught to fulfil the commitments and promises that they make, to the best of their abilities.

A strong work ethic not only teaches children to be committed to their school work, their sports team, musical group etc. but should also be encouraged by including certain duties around the home. Children should be given responsibilities and duties appropriate to their age.

Resilience: there is no doubt that your children will experience disappointment along the journey of life. It is important, therefore, that we help them to overcome those painful moments in a meaningful manner.

As difficult as it may seem, these moments provide an opportunity for growth and learning through discussion. We need to guide our children at these times, showing understanding and empathy with what they are going through. We need to take these moments as opportunities to discuss positive ways forward.

Respect for self enables girls to say “no” to temptation and pressure from others. The better one’s self-image and respect of self, the less likely one is to succumb to peer pressure and actions in which one does not truly believe.

Gratitude is not an automatic response and children need to be taught not to take things for granted. They must be taught to appreciate the things people do for them as well as the things they receive. Children need to be reminded to say, “thank you”.

As it is the month of love, I feel the core value of love is a good place to end. You can teach your children to love others by making a genuine and meaningful connection with them yourselves − love them unconditionally and they will realise that they are valued. This enables them to love you and others in return.

I wish you all a restful half-term. Travel safely and enjoy the special family moments spent together.

Di Gordon

Acting Headmistress: Junior School