Senior School major production

Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes;  the 2016 Senior School major production
Tuesday 15, Wednesday 16 and Thursday 17 March
The Edge, St Mary's School
Tickets cost R80 each
Tickets available from Troy Stead in the foyer of The Edge

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So what is Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes other than the title of the Senior School play? For starters, it is the amount of minutes in a non-leap year. It is also a line made famous by the theme song of RENT. The song is a tribute to the composer who died on opening night. This crude measurement of time could never do justice to a successful career or to a human life in all its complexity. But it is something. The gusto with which the cast delivers this song, pays tribute to their struggle. Searching for their identity, to belong, for acceptance. The same applies to the girls, the challenge always is to strive for individuality, finding that special talent and identifying our strengths and weaknesses. Join us in celebrating two hours out of the five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred plus minutes this year.