The second SANESA inter-schools qualifier was held in March at Eaton Farm, Midrand. The Saturday proved to be extremely challenging, both physically because of the rain, and psychologically, because one of the horses from the Beaulieu College High School team unfortunately broke a leg and needed to be euthanized. The remainder of the show was cancelled on the Saturday. This included most high school show jumping classes. Classes resumed on the Sunday and, although classes were subdued, everyone who participated gave heartfelt good blessings for all riders and equines, and their condolences to all those who had been injured or suffered loss in pursuit of this beautiful sport. Thanks again to Ms Wood for coming to support our team.

The top five results from Qualifier 2 were as follows:

Level 7

  • Performance Riding: Nicola Berlin (first), Lia Wheeler (second), India Wagg (fourth)
  • Working Hunter: India Wagg (fourth)
  • Working Riding: Lia Wheeler (first), Nicola Berlin (second), Nicola Douglas (third)

Level 6

  • Medium Dressage Freestyle: Lia Wheeler (first)
  • Medium Dressage: Lia Wheeler (first and first)

Level 5

  • Dressage Elementary Medium: India Wagg (second and third)
  • Dressage Elementary Medium Freestyle: India Wagg (second)
  • Eventing: Kiara Fitzhenry (second)
  • Performance Riding: Nicola Douglas (first)

Level 3

  • In-Hand Utility: Hannah Sherman (second)
  • Working Riding: Hannah Sherman (second)

Level 2

  • Novice Dressage: Lia Wheeler (second), Nicola Douglas (third)

Level 1

  • Handy Hunter: Hannah Sherman and Nina von Holdt (third), Robyn Gush (fourth)
  • Working Riding: Robyn Gush (first)


Lia Wheeler

Equestrian Captain