The St Mary’s equestrian team has, once again, excelled in the South African National Equestrian Schools’ Association (SANESA) Core league, with some members also participating successfully in the SANESA Eventing and Stadium Eventing leagues. All the St Mary’s equestrian riders are congratulated on winning their Joburg Metro division (based on the number of rider/equine combinations) with 28 625 points. The other schools in their division included St Peter’s College, St Stithians College and Midstream College High School.





Top five results from Gauteng Regionals and Qualifier 5 Stadium Eventing were as follows:

Level 2: Dressage: Joint 4th India Wagg

Level 3: Show Jumping: 1st Lia Wheeler

Level 4: Equitation: 3rd Nicola Berlin

Level 5: Dressage: 1st and 2nd Lia Wheeler

Performance Riding: 2nd India Wagg

Prix Caprilli: 1st and 1st India Wagg

Show Jumping: 3rd and 4th India Wagg

Stadium Eventing: 2nd and 2nd Nicola Berlin

Working Hunter: 5th India Wagg

Level 6: Show Jumping: 3rd and 5th Coral Holden

Level 7: Handy Hunter: Joint 3rd Margaret Tucker and Nicola Douglas

Working Riding: 3rd Nicola Berlin, 4th Lia Wheeler

(Despite being selected, Robyn Gush was, unfortunately, unable to compete at Gauteng Regionals for health reasons, while Kiara Fitzhenry was away competing in Namibia.)


We congratulate the following girls on successfully competing at Gauteng Regionals and being selected to represent Gauteng at SANESA Core League Nationals at the beginning of October 2017:

  • Margaret Tucker (level 7 Handy Hunter)
  • Coral Holden (level 6 Show Jumping)
  • Caitlin Wheeler (level 3 Dressage and level 5 Working Riding)
  • India Wagg (level 2 and 3 Dressage, level 5 Prix Caprilli, Performance Riding and Show Jumping, Level 7 Working Hunter)
  • Lia Wheeler (level 3 Show Jumping, level 5 Dressage and Working Hunter, level 7 Working Riding)
  • Nicola Berlin (level 2 Dressage, level 3 Working Hunter, level 4 Equitation, level 7 Performance Riding and Working Riding)
  • Nicola Douglas (level 7 Handy Hunter)

We wish them great success and happy riding. 

As the season draws to a close, we are pleased to confirm that three of the team members have represented equestrian disciplines internationally during 2017. Kiara Fitzhenry was selected as part of the Eventing SA FEI Africa Cup team, which participated in Namibia during August 2017. Lia Wheeler and Caitlin Wheeler were selected by Dressage SA to be members of the South African Group IX Inter-Africa Nations Cup Team 2017, which participated in Gaberone, Botswana, in May. Congratulations, girls.

Krisha Waluk Senior School Chef d’equipe