Choir camp

On 15 and 16 February, the Senior Primary choir girls spent a night at school on choir camp. School is a place that echoes happy giggles in amongst diligent learning and creativity. Well that’s almost what happened on choir camp.

Just over 100 girls walked across The Close on Friday afternoon, laden with sleeping bags, pillows and blankets galore to set up a cosy spot to sleep for the night. The girls built forts in the library in amongst the shelves of books and I’m sure they had a few midnight chats while the teachers weren’t looking.

We sang lots and lots of songs which has helped us get ready for the upcoming Singing Sistas choir festival, but more importantly the girls had so much fun. We ended off camp with a recap of all the repertoire learnt over the weekend, and parents were encouraged to arrive a little earlier than the collection time to see what we had achieved.

Thank you so much to all the staff behind the scenes for taking photos, helping with crowd control, organising logistics and providing us with delicious food. Until next year, keep singing!

Carol Shutte

Junior School Head of Music