Choir camp

On Friday 16 February, the Senior Primary choir girls had a sleep-out at school. The girls arrived in waves to set-up their sleeping arrangements, build forts out of library furniture and stack beanbags as make-shift mattresses.

So what exactly is a choir camp? Well, just like any sports team that needs to work together and practise their technical skills and build relationships in order to be a better team, so too, as musicians and singers, we need to learn to work together and develop our skills to make us a happy choir team.

The girls had intense rehearsals where they perfected repertoire, learnt new songs, added actions to enhance their performance and worked toward the goal of a picnic-performance for the parents at lunch-time on Saturday 17 February. Between rehearsals, there was much laughter and happiness with the girls engaging in outside games including skipping challenges and four-square tournaments.

The camp culminated in a relaxed picnic performance in the Junior School amphitheatre where parents brought their own picnic baskets and blankets and settled under the trees to listen to the choir.