Cultural and co-curricular activities

The Reggio-inspired emphasis on allowing children to express themselves can be seen in the encouragement given to them to participate in drama, dance and expressive movement. 

The children enjoy music lessons twice a week with a music teacher. Music at Little Saints explores the concrete as well as the abstract, conceptual elements of sound and music. The children create their own musical compositions and choreography in class, and examine the emotions and feelings evoked by these experiences. As well as singing songs appropriate for different events like morning ring, Bible ring and outdoor play, the children are given time to consider the use of storytelling, movement, poetry and instruments, and to practise graphic notation. They discover music in the world all around them hidden in seashells, in the rain and the rustling of trees, and contemplate how to construct their own musical instruments and plan their own performances. The overall aim is to give each child a deeper appreciation of the meaning and applications of music.

Some of the co-curricular activities offered:

Ballet From Grade 000
Dancemouse From Grade 000
Musiq4Juniors Grade 000 to 2
Playball Grade 000 to 00
Intro-Golf Grade 000 to 3
Physical education From Grade 00
Tumbling Tigerz Grade 000 to Grade 00