Educating girls

The St Mary’s Foundation Scholarship Programme

Every donor rand is important to make a difference, one girl at a time!

St Mary’s School will open its doors to, and embrace, girls who are academically talented and have the ability to be leaders in their communities one day, but who are excluded from a top-class education owing to their financial circumstances. 

St Mary’s Foundation would like to provide one scholarship for a Senior School pupil each year. The scholarship will provide an opportunity for a holistic education experience at St Mary’s.

An endowed gift of R3-million will ensure an education for a Senior School girl in perpetuity.

Contributing towards a scholarship for a black South African child allows companies and individuals to make a social investment in the future economy of South Africa, and provides valuable BBBEE empowerment points towards corporate social economic development programmes. 

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A scholarship recipient’s story: Phumzile

I live in Zone 6, Diepkloof, Soweto, with my aunt and other members of my family. My mother died when I was 13 years old, in the year 2008. I was in Grade 7 at the time. My aunt took over as soon as my mother died, and she is the most amazing parent. My aunt is the breadwinner, she is a domestic worker and she does everything in her power to provide for me and her sons. Though she has children of her own, she loves me as if I were her own.

Mrs Boardman, a woman who saw potential in me when I was in Junior School and wanted to be a pilot, promised to find me a school. In 2012 I was called by my Junior School headmistress to tell me that Mrs Boardman had found the perfect school for me.

I came to St Mary’s during the third term of 2012 and it was then that my life changed. St Mary’s, which is one of the best schools in the country, offers the best quality of education. Coming to this school has changed my way of thinking and broadened my approach to life, because now I know the importance of education and I value learning in every way. It has also helped me to realise the importance of giving back to the community, as I have become very active in community work and service.

I shall leave St Mary’s as a refined and educated young woman, and I shall work very hard  in everything I decide to do since I have been taught that hard work pays off. I want to be a pilot when I leave school and I am truly grateful to the St Mary’s family for making me believe that anything is possible, and that wanting to be an aviator was not merely a Grade 5 dream.

A scholarship recipient’s story: Mmampe

I have attended St Mary's School, Waverley since 2004. Six days after my eighth birthday, my mother lost her life in a car accident and my grandparents could not afford to pay school fees.

The Foundation was gracious enough to take care of all school expenses until the end of Grade 7. During the latter part of that year, Mrs Hugo informed me that I would able to complete my high school career in St Mary's as well. The St Mary’s Foundation undertook to finance my senior schooling and this opportunity has been extraordinary.

I am very grateful to the school for allowing me to experience the best years of my life in such a wonderful environment. My journey and experiences at St Mary's have been different and challenging at times, but what has urged me onward have been the education I have received, the cultural opportunities, friendships and the sisterhood, which will remain with me for the rest of my life.

St Mary’s Old Girls’ Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded, at the discretion of the headmistress, to the daughter of an Old Girl. The recipient should be academically talented and display prowess in sport or cultural activities. The successful recipient should display qualities that typify a St Mary’s girl, and should embody the values and ethos of St Mary’s.

The scholarship will be awarded to suitable candidates only, at the discretion of the headmistress, and it might not be awarded every year.

The St Mary’s Endowment for Girls

Making a contribution to the Endowment ensures education for young girls at St Mary’s for generations to come.

Giving a gift towards the Endowment is a gesture of confidence and trust in a school that has more than a century of strong moral ethos, produces excellent all-round results, and young women who are confident and successful.

A major gift in the amount of your choice will make an important impact.

From One Girl to Another

The Grade 7 class of 2014 made a donation to the Foundation to launch the From One Girl to Another campaign. This initiative is an example of the social conscience St Mary’s encourages as part of its ethos.

From One Girl to Another will remain in place for Grade 7s to continue to contribute, and for future grades to join the initiative to make a donation to the St Mary’s Foundation bursary programme.