Communities in need

The Ikusasa Lethu Programme

Ikusasa Lethu Prize Giving invite 2019

The Ikusasa Lethu Programme has existed and run successfully since 1990. This Saturday school programme has provided support to around 3 000 learners from the five high schools in Alexandra and surrounding communities.

The beneficiaries receive supplementary learning in Mathematics, Science, English, Computer Skills and other core subjects. The focus is on Grades 10 to 12.

The Director of Community Affairs provides administrative support and St Mary’s School provides classrooms, science laboratories and computer rooms for the programme.

Click here for the latest Ikusasa Lethu Programme annual report. 

Waverley Girls’ High School

Girls from Waverley Girls’ High School, situated across the road from St Mary’s School, attend classes at St Mary's and learn basic first aid, dance, tennis, art and rhythmic gymnastics.

HA Jack Primary School Programme

St Mary’s School has initiated a number of programmes to assist HA Jack Primary School, which is situated two blocks away. While this school’s needs are great, St Mary’s has tried to address the most pressing issues of learning and literacy. St Mary’s Senior girls do Junior Undiscovered Maths Prodigies (JUMP) Maths on Tuesdays with a group of Grade 5s, and the Grade 6 and 7 girls do Buddy Reading once a week with Grade 3s.

A swimming development programme has been funded by the prize won by the St Mary’s 1st water polo team at the Old Mutual Water Polo Cup, held annually at Roedean School.