Tuck shop card system

The St Mary’s tuck shop runs as a cashless, card-based system. This is a card system whereby pupils can purchase food and beverages from the tuck shop.

If your child's card is lost or stolen, please request a replacement card by emailing sherinne.kench@stmary.co.za. A replacement fee of R40 will be charged to your school account.

Account details:

Standard Bank
Branch name and number:
Bramley branch – 004005
St Mary’s tuck shop
Account number:
Your daughter’s pupil number, name and surname

When depositing the amount to be loaded onto cards, please follow this process:

Email the proof of deposit to sherinne.kench@stmary.co.za.
Please note: only on receipt of proof of deposit will the funds be loaded onto the tuck shop card. There may, therefore, be a delay between deposit and loading onto the card.

Any questions or queries can be directed to Sherinne Kench – sherinne.kench@stmary.co.za.