Recognition awards 2016



Sally - Anne Hulton (1976)

Sally-Anne completed her medical training in South Africa, becoming a Fellow of the College of Physicians in 1989. In 1995 she was appointed Consultant in Pediatric Nephrology at the Birmingham Children's Hospital which serves a population of 6.5 million and is one of the largest pediatric renal units in the United Kingdom.  

Cheri Scholtz (1976)

Cheri is CEO of Petco Plastic Recycling South Africa and a member of the GlobalPSC Advisory Group (Global Product Stewardship Council, based in Australia). The company is a non-profit organisation. PET is a sophisticated material that, when extracted from plastic bottles, crushed and made into fibre, has many uses. The company’s aim is to recycle plastic bottles and nurture a sustainable environment. PET volunteers are involved in coastal clean-ups and have also tackled Robben Island.

Deanne Wood (1991)

Deanne is an advocate of the Johannesburg Bar who has taken silk. Her work experience has involved settling insurance disputes and she is an expert in pension law. Deanne now holds the important and prestigious position of Short-term Insurance Ombudsman in South Africa.

Kate Christowitz (2008)

Kate was part of this year’s South African Olympic rowing squad competing in Brazil. She and her partner, Lee-Ann Persse, made it to the A final in the Women's Pair, coming 5th . Kate has been totally committed to her rowing, making sacrifices to achieve her goal and her perseverance has paid off.

Ros Howell

This year, Ros celebrates an incredible achievement in the St Mary’s family – 30 years of dedicated and unfailing service to the school, primarily in her positions as hockey coach and deputy-head.  Ros has always supported the Old Girls who reciprocate her affection. She made a lasting impact on a great many of them at school.