Recognition awards 2010

Category 1: The Arts

Ashleigh Callie (1990)
The girls of 1990 reunion wanted to pay tribute to their very special and much-loved Ashleigh Callie. Ashleigh was a well-known actress and a member of the class of 1990. She was tragically killed in a car accident in 2008.

Georgie Currie (1976)
Georgie has done magnificent work in a unique area of the arts. She arranges flowers, gives presentations and demonstrations in this art, and has featured at the Chelsea Flower Show. Locally, she is well known in the area of flower design and particularly in arranging roses. 

Category 2: Busines

Prue Leith (1957)
Prue is a phenomenal woman who has set up restaurants, catering schools and has written novels. She has sat on many executive boards. She is famous for her wide-ranging impact on cookery in Britain, both in and outside the home. She opened the prestigious Leith’s School of Food and Wine and wrote kitchen bookshelf staple Leith’s Cookery Bible. She has also published three novels. She is a businesswoman, has seven honorary degrees and is the head of the Schools’ Food Trust in England. She was appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire in 1989 and Commander of the Order of the British Empire in the 2010 Birthday Honours.

Category 3: Community

Carolyn Palmer (1974)
Carolyn has an incredible resumé. She has published hundreds of articles, given presentations far and wide and has was an integral part of the National Water Advisory Council in South Africa, before spending years in Australia as a member of the Board of Sydney Institute for Marine Science. Carolyn returned to South Africa as a Professor at Rhodes University and as Director of Unilever Centre for Ecotoxicology.

Claire Janisch (1992)
Claire is a chemical engineer who graduated from a two-year professional programme in biomimicry. Biomimicry is a little-known field where nature’s solutions are used to improve strategies for sustainable living. She has organised workshops in the field, given talks locally and internationally, done research and founded Genius Lab. The Genius of Nature programme aims to foster creative thinking among children and adults. Claire featured in the 2010 Mail & Guardian’s Book of South African Women.

Alison Emslie-Lewis (1980)
Alison has a BsSc (Chem Eng) and MSc (Eng) PhD from UCT. Alison is a professor head of the Crystallisation and Precipitation Unit in the Department of Chemical Engineering at UCT. Her resumé is extensive and the impact she has had in her area of study and teaching is remarkable. Recently, the president of the National Research Foundation presented Alison with the honour of being Champion of Transformation Capacity Development at South African Higher Education Institutions. She was elected as the university "orator", delivering citations for honorary graduates.

Category 4: Role Models

Joanna Thirsk (1999)
Joanna believes that "exploration is the physical expression of the intellectual passion" (Apsley Cherry-Garrard, 1921), and perhaps this explains her courage and determination in being the only female on a two-year Antarctic expedition. She was the team’s doctor and the impact her story has had, has been remarkable. She is passionate about her profession and is presently practising in Johannesburg.

Jodi-Ann Pearton (2001)
Jodi-Ann moved from veterinary science to becoming an award-winning chef. In 2008 she founded the Food Design Agency, offering food styling and training, as well as menu and product development. Initially she signed up at Silwood Kitchens in Cape Town for a "bit of fun". She ended up with a grande diploma and was their top student! She has been selected by the South African Chef Association as Chef of the Year three times. This year she was featured in the Mail & Guardian’s Book of South African Women and won the 2010 Sunday Times Chef of the Year award.

Category 5: Sports

Lize-Mari Retief (2005)
Lize-Mari swam freestyle and butterfly at the Beijing Olympics in 2008. In October 2007 she broke the African record in the 100m butterfly which took her to the top of the FINA short course world rankings. She is currently studying medicine.