The St Mary’s diversity committee addresses areas of school diversity such as race, religion, disability and sexuality and encourages all St Mary’s girls to be tolerant, independent and have opinions.

The committee teaches girls, in a safe environment where they feel they can be open, to embrace their differences through:

  • Reconciliation
  • Tolerance
  • Debate
  • Engagement
  • Celebration of talent

The diversity committee organises focus groups where the girls are encouraged to interact without bias or prejudice. The committee encourages debate and enquiry around diversity issues with the aim of preparing girls for a diverse world. Guest speakers at assemblies encourage critical thought and tolerance around issues of diversity.

Whilst recognising and understanding the importance of achieving academically, the diversity committee is motivated to help to grow well-rounded young women who are intent not only on achieving good results but also on contributing to the wider community.

The St Mary’s diversity committee, made up of girls in Forms IV and V, will continue to contribute to all spheres of St Mary’s School in both the Junior and Senior Schools.


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