Head of school's welcome

Welcome to St Mary’s School, Waverley

St Mary’s School, Waverley, is defined by its strong tradition and ethos, which have been integral in shaping generations of young women. We embrace our history from our establishment in 1888 by the Anglican Church while providing a dynamic, relevant education for each girl. We are cognisant of our role in the South African context, and in focusing on the latest international trends in schooling.

The essence of St Mary’s is tangible in the laughter of our girls and the vitality that permeates our campus. We promote excellence in all we do and encourage the St Mary’s girls to become grounded, real young women who have a strong sense of their roles in the world.

This school provides the resources for girls with diverse interests and abilities to be the best they can be. We have an exceptional academic record and are renowned for the superb performances of our girls in the sporting arena, both in terms of sportsmanship and results. St Mary’s girls have achieved remarkable successes in the cultural sphere at national level. Whatever her ability, each St Mary’s girl is encouraged to experience all on offer and to celebrate her talents.

The chapel and our Anglican faith provide strong values and contribute to the discovery of individual strength. St Mary’s has an extensive pastoral care system that extends to the girls, their parents, the staff and the wider community. We encourage girls to look beyond their own circumstances and become involved in our community awareness programmes.

We have an experienced, superb staff who educate and inspire. It is our hope that you will be excited by our school and  that your daughter will embrace our core values of love, community, integrity. 

Best wishes

Deanne King
Head of school